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Shaping in a Nutshell

This video is the best place to start. You'll get the key ideas of Shape Up in under 20 minutes.

The Book

A next step might be to read the book: Shape Up: Stop Running in Circles & Ship Work That Matters.

If your company is structured like Basecamp (bootstrapped, designers who code, etc) you will be able to apply most of what's in the book.

If that's not the case, think of it as a mindset shifter. Then pick a couple specific practices that you can adapt to the context of your team.

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New from Shaping in Real Life

Shape Up has evolved a lot since 2019. Ryan defined new concepts and language in response to the wide variety of teams who wanted help. The best place to learn these is the Shaping in Real Life course. You can get to know some of these new concepts by checking out the updates below.

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